• The Castle of Amare



    I was always amazed by the majesty and architecture of medieval castles. While I do not have the resources to build a castle in the physical world, I have become proficient enough to use my expertise in 3D modeling. Utilizing the software Maya, I created one of these majestic structures. The outer architecture and interior design of the castle itself were inspired by Disney movies, Peach's castle from Super Mario 64, as well as my visit to Buckingham Palace. In order to achieve a nostalgic feel, I created and applied multiple custom textures on the outside of the building. For the sky, I resized a cube so it enveloped the scene, and simply retextured it to an image texture of clouds. As per the interior of the castle, I used reflective shaders in order to create the stunning, eye-catching reflective surfaces featured throughout. Regarding the other elements of the video, the opening title and ending were created by using After Effects. I used multiple graphic effects and layer styles in order to give the text a cinematic, three-dimensional appearance. This intro and outro was inspired by the titles featured in the Lord of the Rings movies as well as the Final Fantasy video games. Moreover, I composed the music throughout the piece, which was inspired by the works of Joe Hisashi and Cody Fry. The software used to create this was a digital audio workstation, Ableton Live, using a digital orchestra. Overall, my creative efforts on this project lead to a complete piece, allowing all of my talents to shine in the brightest light.