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    The Doorway to Adventure




    My mind is constantly buzzing with fantastical ideas. For as long as I could remember, I was dreaming up stories of epic heroes, unusual creatures, and journeys through far-off lands. It is from this place that my photoshop piece evolved. The story that this image spawned from consists of a child who discovers a secret door that leads to a realm filled with magic, and is greeted by his supernatural guardian, a bear spirit named Ko’Sagth. Specific inspirations included the Chronicles of Narnia, the His Dark Materials series, and the work of Studio Ghibli. Technically speaking this image contains twenty-two separate elements. Each of these elements was meticulously cropped and adjusted, to ensure that the final product is professional, awe-inspiring, and the truest depiction of my ideas. Sixteen different facets were dedicated to lighting the scene in a logical manner, giving the image a seamless appearance. The design has been exported at a high resolution, aligned with the source images. Photoshop can be a truly effective tool in realizing imaginative environments when utilized in a manner such as this piece showcased.